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Living out our faith

Embracing Action at Fairlawn means getting to know our neighbours and recognizing the richness that comes with diversity.  It means building relationships with those who are marginalized and whose voices have been silenced. It means helping to create a society where all can live with dignity.   Below is a list of some of the volunteer opportunities available at Fairlawn that strive to do this.   Whether you have time for an occasional commitment or something more regular, we’d love to have you join us.  And, you’ll make some wonderful new friends along the way.

Embrace Action Vision: Executive Summary

Read the executive summary of Fairlawn’s Embrace Action Vision.

Embrace Action Vision

Read the full text of the Embrace Action Vision.

For questions or comments, please contact Kathy Salisbury

Embrace Action Fund

Read about the Embrace Action Fund.

For more information, please contact Kathy Salisbury

Boarding Homes Ministry

Every second Thursday afternoon, a small team of volunteers visits a local boarding home.  They share food, music, laughter and conversation.

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Contact Rob Metcalf to get involved

Camp Scugog

Fairlawn’s children and youth join the rest of the congregation to fundraise to send children to Camp Scugog.  Many campers are from families who struggle to make ends meet.  We also help with the annual camp clean up day and write letters to campers.

Contact Patti Smith

CRC 40 Oaks in Regent Park

Fairlawn members volunteer to serve meals at the community kitchen, collect clothing for the Clothes for Friends Program, work in and manage the clothing bank, assist with English as a second language programs, run knitting classes, serve on the organization’s board of directors, and volunteer for a variety of other activities.

Please contact Gary Schlee

Food Bank Support

Fairlawn supports the efforts of the Lansing United food bank through the collection of money and the provision of volunteers.

Contact Sandy McKinstry

Refugee Sponsorship Project

Fairlawn is currently supporting Syrian families to successfully integrate into Canadian society.  In addition to the church providing financial support for one year, volunteers help our newcomers connect to important resources for such things as housing, medical and dental needs, schools, English instruction and employment.

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Contact Kathy Magladry

Social Justice

We educate ourselves and our congregation about the root causes of poverty.  By joining our voices with those of other faith and secular groups, we advocate for policy that would make poverty a thing of the past.  Our focus is on affordable housing, living wage, adequate social assistance rates and income inequality.

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Contact Kathy Salisbury

Truth & Reconciliation

Read about Truth & Reconciliation at Fairlawn and our youth participation in the Gibimishkaadimin Reconciliation Journey “Paddling Together”

United Church Mission and Service Fund

Your donation to the United Church Mission and Service Fund (M&S) supports hundreds of partners and projects in Canada and around the world.

Contact Judy Fleming to find out more about where the money goes, who you’re helping, and why M&S matters.

Walk-in Support

The first Tuesday morning of the month, Fairlawn opens its doors to those who are struggling to make ends meet.  We offer a warm and friendly environment where visitors have a hot drink and snack, a chance for conversation with volunteers and time with the minister.  Grocery gift cards are distributed.

Fairlawn wishes to thank Hogg’s Hollow Loblaw’s manager Peter Qaqish for his ongoing support of our monthly Walk in Support ministry.  Thanks to Loblaw’s generosity, we are able to offer our guests a nutritious breakfast of bagels, cheese, fruits and veggies.

Contact Rob Metcalf

More opportunities to 'embrace action'

Fairlawn offers lots of opportunities to “Embrace Action” by helping others through activities such as the Soup Ministry, Pastoral Care, Need a Ride~Give a Ride, Prayer Shawl Ministry, etc.

Read more about Support as part of “Experience Belonging” at Fairlawn >

We have a variety of opportunities for you to contribute towards making a positive change in someone’s life.  Contact us today to find out more about how you can help.
Call: (416) 481-6848 x27
Email: ac.de1566339758tinue1566339758uneva1566339758nwalr1566339758iaf@a1566339758e1566339758
Visit:  this page fairlawnchurch.ca/action

Formerly called “Outreach”.

Volunteers from Fairlawn and Regent Park at 40 Oaks affordable housing.
“Embracing Action” is a wonderful way to make a contribution to society, meet new friends, put your own problems into perspective, and experience belonging with a wonderful group of people.