Explore Spirituality

North Toronto Cluster of Churches

Fairlawn is a member of the North Toronto Cluster of Churches, here to support you and our community. The United Churches of North Toronto have teamed up to offer a multi-church program of adult learning. We invite everyone, whether they attend church...

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Adult Education

Exploring Spirituality with Adult Education

Adult education reflects Fairlawn Church’s approach to exploring spirituality. Thinking of church and ‘education’ in the same breath may conjure up childhood recollections of the Sunday School attended,...

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Volunteer Form

Help Fairlawn live out its mission.

Collection of information is for Fairlawn Avenue United Church to contact you in areas of expressed interest.


Print version: Or, if you prefer, you may fill in the...

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Flowers to grace the church

The sanctuary looks beautiful at this special time of year with your gift of lovely flowers.

Each Christmas and Easter, the church is decorated with flowers donated in memory of others or as an expression of gratitude. The price of each plant is $20.

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Lent – Take the Journey – One Act at a Time

Action through Lent

We know that the most effective approach to learning of all kinds involves doing something, reflecting on the experience, doing something again using what we learned, and so on.

It’s the Action-Reflection Model of continuous learning. In...

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Our dynamic Spirit Space staff

Spirit Space is the children’s education program at Fairlawn,
Sunday mornings 10:30-11:30 am (continues all through the summer)

It’s all about encouraging imagination, wonder and living out faith in our choices and actions. We offer an...

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Fairlawn’s Contribution to WW1, a 100-year perspective

Researching Soldiers of the Great War as part of the 100th anniversary of WW1

Memories from Fairlawn Families

Click the photos below to read stories of relatives of people at Fairlawn who served in The Great War

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Scripture readers needed

Each Sunday, a member of the congregation reads the Scripture during the church service.  If you would like to contribute to our church service in this way, please contact the church office, indicating what months would be best for your schedule. 

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