40 Oaks: Urgently needed Clothes & Household Items for Friends in Regent Park

News from the CRC 40 Oaks Clothing Bank
We are collecting clothing now!

If you have ADULT size coats, boots, or other clean clothing in good repair, please bring them to the church office marked CRC. Know someone who is downsizing and has towels, sheets and small household items?
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Underwear and Socks
Please bring new underwear and socks in their packaging to Fairlawn. Please bring them to the church office marked CRC. Our goal is 3,000 pair of underwear per year. Please be generous 🙂

Adult only clothing is urgently needed for our clothing program at 40 Oaks “CRC” in Regent Park.  Clothing will be given directly and free of charge to Regent Park neighbours who come to our program.

All donated clothing must be



Clothes you would be proud to give to a FRIEND!



For Men: jeans!!!(esp. sizes 28-32); T-shirts; sweaters, sweatshirts/hoodies; long

sleeve shirts; pajamas; long johns; packaged (new) underwear – sizes S/M/L;

running shoes (esp. sizes 9-12); warm winter boots; coats/jackets/windbreakers;

belts; construction boots; clean/new/warm socks. No suits, formal wear or trench

coats, please.


For Women: slacks (especially elastic waist); T-shirts and blouses; sweaters;

pajamas/nightgowns, housecoats; packaged (new) underwear M-4XL; winter coats;

running shoes/shoes/winter boots. PLUS size clothing. No turtle necks, high heel

shoes, jewelry, purses, fashion clothing or accessories. Think ‘function’, not ‘fashion’.


Toiletries: shaving cream; deodorant; soaps/body wash; shampoo/conditioners;

toothbrushes/paste; feminine products; lotions. No make-up, colognes, or hairspray.

We WILL take open, large, bottles of shampoo & conditioner for our shower

program. Travel/hotel size items are ideal.


Household Items: adult knapsacks/gym bags; S/D/Q sheets that are clean and

usable as is; blankets; towels; clocks; radios; bundle buggies, coffee mugs, lamps;

small basic kitchen appliances (coffee makers, toasters, dishes, small microwaves,

hot plates….), pots and pans, and kitchen utensils.



Only on an ‘As Needed’ basis.


Consider a Cash Donation. $100 buys about 25 pairs of men’s

jeans during Value Village sale days. Cheques payable to “CRC”


For more information about the CRC, visit our website at
Thanks for your support! Please share this list with friends and neighbours