Taking the Call Forward

We are most grateful for the Toronto Presbytery of Toronto Conference Corporation’s generous grant to enable Fairlawn to apply best practice in achieving a few objectives in our Taking the Call Forward initiative:

  • Identify unmet needs among our lesser engaged congregation members, and our neighbours, then tying these needs back into our three primary ministries so that we can facilitate meaningful connections – to build and grow Fairlawn’s community.
  • Expand our definition of congregation and have a broader base of members comprised of our traditional congregation, neighbourhood and local businesses.
  • Help our members and our neighbours connect to ‘what matters in life’.


The grant will fund:

  • Intensive third-party research (focus groups, online surveys, one-on-one discussions, community/market research)
  • Database development and analysis
  • Capacity Assessment
  • Program Development
  • Benchmark Testing
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Support Staff





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