Human Resources and Relationships


Human Resources and Relationships Committee

The United Church of Canada bylaws require that each pastoral charge has a ministry and personnel committee. At Fairlawn Avenue United Church, this committee is known as the Human Resources & Relationships (HR&R) Committee, and it is a confidential committee accountable to Governing Council.

The HR&R Committee fulfills the human resources function at Fairlawn. The committee is responsible for supporting all ministry and lay personnel in employment matters, and it acts as a liaison between staff and the congregation.

The work of the committee includes:

  • reviewing and recommending policies and procedures on human resource management to Governing Council and ensuring policy compliance with current legislation and United Church requirements;
  • providing support to staff on human resource matters, including performance and salary reviews, job description reviews, and updates; and
  • striving to maintain healthy relationships between staff and the congregation.


Further information on the committee and how it functions can be found in the Terms of Reference for the committee.

Members of the HR&R Committee are Katherine Dalziel (Chair), Janet Reid, John Ryerson, and Barb Steep. You can email them at .