Fairlawn Neighbourly Parking


Fairlawn Avenue United Church urges users of its building to be respectful of our neighbours including adherence to the local parking laws. The Church does not have parking space on its property for congregants. However it has made parking arrangements with neighbourhood parking lots, and determined when the City will cancel street parking tickets for Fairlawers. Please adhere to the guidelines below to minimize aggravation for our Church’s neighbours and minimize the chances of ticketing.

Free Sunday Parking Lots

  • Green P Parking lots on Glenforest and on Bedford Park, up to 1:00 pm Sundays, as long as you place the green Fairlawn Dashboard Notice on your dashboard;
  • Royal Bank parking lot on Sunday mornings, accessed from Cranbrooke; and
  • Blessed Sacrament Public School parking lot on Sunday mornings (except on fresh snow days, when plowing is needed), accessed from Woburn and Bedford Park.
  • Parking map


Free Sunday Street Parking – For Limited Time Periods

  • On or near Yonge Street, in metered zones, parking is free up to 1:00 pm on Sunday.
  • In signed parking zones on side streets, place the green Fairlawn Dashboard Notice on your dashboard if you park in the first block adjacent to Yonge Street (typically One Hour parking zones). The green Fairlawn Dashboard Notice usually guides the Police to refrain from ticketing a car which overstays the One Hour parking time. However if the Police receive a neighbour’s complaint they must ticket all cars who have overstayed the time restriction regardless of the green Fairlawn Dashboard Notice. So please do not park in a way that might aggravate a neighbour and inspire a complaint and ticketing of all.If you get a ticket when displaying the Dashboard Notice, follow the directions on the back of the Notice to request the City’s cancellation of that ticket. Cancellation is commonplace but not guaranteed.

  • If you have difficulty walking 200 meters, you might qualify for provincial “Accessible Parking Permit.” Only with this Permit on your dashboard can you can park in the No Parking zone on the North side of Fairlawn Avenue. Printed application forms are available at the back of the sanctuary or online or from a Service Ontario outlet.

Obtain your green Fairlawn Dashboard Notice at the back of the sanctuary.

Street Parking Monday to Saturday, and after 1:00 pm on Sunday


To be respectful of our neighbors

  • Do not block a driveway. You should leave at least 60 cm (2 feet) of regular curb between your bumper and the driveway’s curb cut – to be legal and to enable turning into driveways. But if you can, make room for two cars where there is a large distance between driveways.
  • Do not park on sidewalks, in front of fire hydrants, or in No Parking Zones such as the North Side of Fairlawn. No Parking Zones are for routine use by Accessibility Permit holders only. Others parked in No Parking zones are likely to aggravate neighbours and instigate ticketing for all.
  • Do not block fire truck access, especially when snow is piled on the roadway.


If you have an Accessible Parking Permit and park on the North side of Fairlawn, please:

  • Do not park between the curbside cones at the main Church door, to permit safe drop-off of any congregant; and
  • Ensure your car does not impede access to a driveway on the South side, given the position of other parked cars at the time.


And finally, please do not park in the church staff parking spaces. Your cooperation with this is sincerely appreciated by our hard-working staff.parking-map


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