Taking the Call Forward

Taking the Call Forward

We are most grateful for the Toronto Presbytery of Toronto Conference Corporation’s generous grant to enable Fairlawn to apply best practice in achieving a few objectives in our Taking the Call Forward initiative:

  • Identify unmet needs among our lesser engaged congregation members, and our neighbours, then tying these needs back into our three primary ministries so that we can facilitate meaningful connections – to build and grow Fairlawn’s community.
  • Expand our definition of congregation and have a broader base of members comprised of our traditional congregation, neighbourhood and local businesses.
  • Help our members and our neighbours connect to ‘what matters in life’.


The grant will fund:

  • Intensive third-party research (focus groups, online surveys, one-on-one discussions, community/market research)
  • Database development and analysis
  • Capacity Assessment
  • Program Development
  • Benchmark Testing
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Support Staff