In 2018, Addus opened a new satellite office at Fairlawn Avenue United Church. The EA fund team provided a scholarship fund to Addus to allow them to provide financial support for potential participants.

Addus is a registered non-profit charitable organization. Addus provides fun, meaningful, and individualized community based day supports for young adults with developmental disabilities. The dynamic supports empower participants to take charge of their own lives while giving back to their community to become valued members.

Addua provides a welcoming environment that fosters friendships, builds community connections, and recognizes the strengths and talents of everyone.

Find out more:  “Enabling people with developmental disabilities to actively participate in their community.”


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A “thank-you” message from Addus

We are thrilled! We have received the donation on behalf of the Fairlawn Embrace Action Fund. After the funds are spent, we will let you know how many persons were supported and what kind of support these funds provided, such as access to our services, fee reduction and vocational support. Thanks again to all of you who helped make this happen! It truly opens doors to new possibilities! A heartfelt thank-you!

Mary Vieni, Executive Director


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