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ArtHeart builds self-esteem and self-reliance for children, youth, adults, families and seniors in the Regent Park Community by providing free community visual arts education, materials and nourishment in an open, safe, warm, supportive environment.  ArtHeart has always been a welcoming space for newcomers whether they live around the corner in Regent Park or come to from around the world. The free initiatives offered by ArtHeart provide creative and therapeutic outlets for many participants, both adults and children.


Syrian Newcomers’ Art and Integration Project is a pilot project for ArtHeart. Syrian newcomers have many challenges settling in Canada, including language barriers, housing, schooling and finding employment. This pilot is to use art to assist in the integration of Syrian newcomers at the established and renowned ArtHeart studio at the Spectrum in Regent Park. ArtHeart aims to assist Syrian newcomers who have endured great upheaval and often trauma in their homeland.

Creating art in a supportive, happy environment lifts spirits and builds self-confidence. We believe Syrian newcomers – those who may have had to abandon their art when they fled Syria and those who would find comfort in painting for the first time – would benefit from ArtHeart classes. As well, the wider community would benefit from learning more about these new Canadians and their stories through art.

Rationale for supporting this Syrian Newcomers Art and Integration Project

  • This is a powerful extension of both Fairlawn’s refugee ministry and our Regent Park/CRC ministry.
  • Several congregants are already supporting this project, and there are many opportunities to volunteer at the centre.


The story behind ArtHeart’s Syrian Newcomers Art and Integration Project



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