Social Justice

To seek justice and resist evil

Fairlawn Avenue United Church will be an inspiring and thriving champion of social justice where the congregation is passionately engaged in actions which transform society, individual lives and ourselves as we move toward a just and sustainable world.

Focus of Fairlawn Social Justice
At Fairlawn, our focus is Eliminating Poverty. We are dedicated to travelling on a journey of discovery and action. Everyone is needed, and everyone has a role to play! We focus on affordable housing, a living wage, income inequality, and adequate social assistance rates for those most vulnerable among us.

Fairlawn and Voices for a Just Society go to City Hall
Several members of the Fairlawn SJ team together with other members of Voices for a Just Society (a coalition of churches in north Toronto working on poverty reduction) met for 60 minutes with Councillor Carmichael Greb at City Hall on March 3rd to discuss poverty in Toronto and its poverty reduction strategy.  It was a very successful exchange where each side has agreed to continue to work with the other to reduce poverty in Ward 16 and the city as a whole.


Social Justice at Fairlawn – A Journey Worth Taking

Social justice has been embedded in the life of Fairlawn Avenue United Church from the very beginning:

“The earliest branch of the Fairlawn family tree was formed as Toronto’s Second Congregational Church in 1849 by 25 renegade members of the city’s first Congregational church who were opposed to slavery.”

The work of social justice continues today at Fairlawn with poverty issues that include affordable housing, adequate social assistance rates, adequate minimum wage, living wage and income inequality.

Please join us

We are a fun, dedicated group devoted to understanding the realities of those living in poverty, learning more about poverty issues and making a difference through speaking out, both to our peers and to government.   We are a leading organization in North Toronto tackling poverty.

Social Justice Issues

  • Adequate Social Assistance Rates
  • Advocacy
  • Affordable Housing
  • Food Security
  • Income Inequality
  • Living Wage
  • Poverty Reduction Strategies
  • Refugees


Social Justice Team

L to R:
Kathy Salisbury, Jannie Mills, John Ryerson, C. White, Armine Yalnizyan (guest speaker), Shirley Bush, Jan Buchan, Heather McPherson


Social Justice Chair, Kathy Salisbury

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Boarding Homes Ministry Video

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This is why I am on the Fairlawn Social Justice team:

Kathy: I want to live in a society that takes care of its vulnerable members in a respectful way and creates opportunities for each person to thrive.  Through our work on the SJ team, I believe that we are helping to create that kind of Canada.

Jannie: Being an active part of Fairlawn social justice ministry is at the heart of my faith journey.  I believe we are called to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with God. For me, it is about lighting a candle to dispel the darkness, and learning and growing with others who are also lighting candles for faith and justice.

John: The Social Justice team at Fairlawn is my anchor for working to make the world a better place.  A world where there is equality and without barriers to our abundant world.

Shirley: It is inspiring to belong to our SJ team and feel the synergy of faith, love and determination to deliver justice and opportunity for all.  We truly work at following the injunction, “Love thy neighbour”.

Heather: Year after year, I continue to feel called to learn and grow on this team. With strong inspirational leadership and the ongoing talent, support and warm collegiality (fun) that each member brings, I am proud of the immensely important and challenging work that together we continue to tackle and accomplish.

Jan B: Being on the Social Justice team gives me the opportunity to engage in advocacy related to issues of poverty and homelessness.  The knowledge of and dedication to addressing these issues by the other team members inspires me to do whatever I can to assist.

Keywords: poverty reduction, poverty eradication, anti-poverty