Soldiers of WW1: Remembrance Day & Coffee Hour Display

Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014
10:30 am - 1:00 pm

Remembrance Day Service: Researching Soldiers of the Great War as part of the 100th anniversary of WW1
This is the 100th anniversary of World War One, and we’re approaching the 100th anniversary of Fairlawn Avenue United Church. To honour both, we are asking people to send in their stories of family members or acquaintances who served in WW1. The Remembrance Day service on November 9 will highlight the men and women of WW1. Please join us 10:30 am at Fairlawn for a moving Remembrance Service and afterwards for coffee hour where we will have a special display of WWI photos, memorabilia, and stories from our Fairlawn family.

The Remembrance Day Challenge

I’m sure many of you have photos of soldiers in frames or albums and, as we remember the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the Great War, I challenge you to find out more about the person in the photograph. And then, as part of this year’s Remembrance Day service at Fairlawn, we plan to create a display of the photos and stories you uncover. If you need help, more information, or have a photo or story you’d like to share please contact me, Amanda Hancox.

We have provided a document with internet links to get you started finding your relatives who served in The Great War.


Here are a few of the stories to remember the soldiers of WW1

Amanda Hancox’s story:



Lt. Joseph Arnold Rowbottom, 

2/6th Manchester Regiment,

Killed September 24, 1917.

When I was a child I spent a lot of time with my grandmother who was a terrific story teller. I especially loved the stories of her childhood and the antics she got up to with her cousins. She was particularly fond of one cousin and kept his photo in a frame by her bed.

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ww1-FFClarke1A Veteran of the Great War – Colonel Frederick Fieldhouse Clarke, DSO, MBE, VD

Read the fascinating and detailed story of Tom Clarke’s Grandfather

None of my family lost their lives in either of the world wars but a number did serve. As a young lad visiting grandparents in Montreal West, I was aware that my Grandpa Clarke was referred to as the Colonel but only much later did I hear the story of his life and service. In particular we have 67 pages of his unpublished memoirs of his life and military service” …

Following a Remembrance Day service only a year or so ago, Jill Klaehn and I traded stories of the WWI veterans in our families. We discovered that both grandfathers served at Kapuskasing camp in 1915.

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ww1-george-cowan-fleming-c1916WW1 Memories of George Cowan Fleming

Al Fleming recalls stories from his father. Find out what happened when this unarmed Allied scout came across an unarmed German scout.

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Profile of a soldier: Charlie Silvester

Read the story of Kathryn Cullen’s great uncle, Charlie Silvester.

Charlie joined at the beginning of the war. He fought and was killed in the first battle where Canadians were involved, the 2nd Battle of Ypres, April 1915. This is the first battle where poison gas was used, and it is the battle that inspired John McCrae to write the poem “In Flanders Fields”.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields

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Sisters by Birth and Sisters in Service: Winnifred and Claire MacLeod

Submitted by: Katherine Dalziel

“This is a story about some members of the family of my paternal grandmother and their involvement in The Great War …
Both women enlisted with the Canadian Army Medical Corps as Nursing Sisters, during 1915. The stories of Claire and Winnifred are quite a contrast to one another and both illustrate the lasting social costs of the conflict.”

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ww1-cowanPersonal Stories of WW1 from John Cowan

My Grandfather, William Cowan, was an entrepreneur/businessman who played an active role in preparing Canada’s army at the beginning of the Great War … Plans had been made with Britain that if war was declared and Canada was called upon, my Grandfather would play a leading role in setting up a training camp at Valcartier.
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ww1-beatonLaurie Kimmel’s Story of a Soldier: Pte. Beaton McGillivray

I know little of his war experience, only of cards signed with meticulous script and of letters, one in particular requesting boots, and warmly grateful for all packages sent. I have read of the courage of the ranks during this attack in the last 100 days.

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Links for researching soldiers of the Great War

WW1 Research

We have provided a document with internet links to get you started finding your relatives who served in The Great War.



  • Researching Canadian Soldiers of the First World War by Michael O’Leary, The Regimental Rogue
  • tinyurl.com/ww1research

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