GLI - Guaranteed Livable Income

GLI – Guaranteed Livable Income

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Guaranteed Livable Income


Visit the United Church of Canada’s Create a Gauarnteed Livable Income Program webpage that includes a video message from Moderator Richard Bott, along with information on GLI and how you can take action.


From Bri-anne Swan (she/her), Minister for Social and Ecological Justice and Communications
Shining Waters Regional Council

What Is Basic Income?

Poverty can happen very quickly to anyone. A guaranteed livable income would help address the persistent inequities within our country.

A guaranteed livable income (GLI) is a payment to individuals or families by the government that covers the cost of basic necessities (food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and community participation) and is not conditional on meeting employment criteria in order to qualify for the benefit. It ensures everyone an income adequate for meeting basic needs, allowing all people to live with dignity regardless of work status. Such a program would be part of the national fabric of services that preserve and protect Canadians; or, as Jesus put it, “to love our neighbours as ourselves.”

Rather than have a rules-based, bureaucratically driven application process (during which applications must prove they are “really poor” before being approved), all Canadian citizens are ensured an automatic top-up when their income collapses for whatever reason. The incomes would be unconditional, automatic, non-withdrawable, individual, and a right of every legal resident.

A guaranteed livable income is an effective way to support the reduction and elimination of poverty and insecurity; the narrowing of extreme income and wealth inequalities; shared citizenship; and improved democratic and economic functioning.

Show Your Support for GLI with a Lawn Sign


The United Church’s Guaranteed Livable Income (GLI) committee has created lawn signs you can place on your lawn to show your support for implementing a GLI, and continue building on the momentum of the conversations started in Parliament.

If you are interested in receiving a sign, please reach out to Embrace Action chair Laura Schlee at: