The Fairlawn Call

The Fairlawn Call is our journey of reflection and discovery to become a vibrant and sustainable church in the years ahead. 

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The Fairlawn Call Plan

Desired Future
Fairlawn is a vibrant, growing and welcoming church community

Core Belief
We are not alone. We are connected to God and each other by love.

The three Purposes of Fairlawn Avenue United Church

Connect with what matters in life

  1. Explore Spirituality: We provide a safe place for everyone to explore spirituality
  2. Experience Belonging: We welcome everyone and help each other experience belonging
  3. Embrace Action: We develop everyone’s gifts and embrace action to make a difference in the world


Goal of the Fairlawn Call initiatve
More People Engaged  ~  People More Engaged

The plan has 7 initial priorities which are:

  1. Spirituality – create opportunities for everyone to explore spirituality on their faith journey
  2. Adult Education – provide a wide range of offerings for a wide range of people
  3. Spirit Space – help children develop and explore their spirituality in an engaging way
  4. Communications – clarify our identity, and improve internal and external communications
  5. Welcoming Invitational Culture – get better at inviting people to Fairlawn and welcoming them
  6. Engagement – improve the relationship that people have with Fairlawn
  7. Stewardship – help people understand the deep roots that financial givings have in the teachings of Jesus




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