Summer 2021 Update for Camp Scugog

We are all eager to return to a “new normal”, but Camp is going to look different this year as we continue to deliver programming safely and adapt to provincial guidelines.

As you know, the community we serve are at a greater risk of contracting the COVID-19. So we need to take extra care when navigating our summer plans.

Currently we plan to have a group of senior staff on site from June-August. For June and most of July, they will be focused on site maintenance and preparing our facilities to be more COVID-safe. Additional programming will commence at the end of July. It is our hope that by this time, the COVID infection rates will have significantly decreased, and more adults will have had access to vaccines.

Here is the additional programming we are planning

End of July

1 week of staff training.

Qualified staff will attend a 1 week training program where a major focus will be Waterfront NLS  (lifeguard) and the in-class portion of Pool NLS. We’ve partnered with a pool in Toronto who will then train these staff on the in-pool portion of pool NLS to allow staff to secure jobs at pools in the fall (which for many, will make them the highest income earner in their household).


Moms & Kids camp: August will provide two week programming for 2 groups of 6-8 moms and their kids. This will bring relief, fresh air and relaxation to families, many of whom are single parent households who have spent the pandemic in 1-2 bedroom apartments in the GTA.

Leadership Program: Our LITs from summer 2019 will become JCs as they embark on a canoe trip (the highlight that was missed the most from last summer). The second two weeks will welcome two cohorts of LITs (participants who would have begun the program last summer, as well as a new cohort for this summer).

Overnight: Should overnight camps be prohibited from opening this summer, we hope to still be able to provide day programming in Toronto for the same groups mentioned above. Of course, our online programming will also continue throughout the summer, as will our 1:1 support.


Thank you in advance for your incredible support. We’re working hard to adapt and stay responsive to our community – something we’re only able to do because of you.

Wishing you health and safety,
Your friends at Camp Scugog


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