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Together While Apart
– A World Communion Sunday Resource 2021


Throughout his life Jesus ate at table with friends, outcasts, and sinners. In his teachings he used the table as an image of inclusivity, hospitality, and God’s in-breaking reign. His last meal, shared with his followers, left them with an enduring way of keeping his memory, and his way, alive in the world. The community of the followers of Jesus across time and spread throughout the world maintains our identity as a welcoming, transforming, renewing sign of God’s newness of life in the world.

The simple words below reconnect us to an experience of worship shared as part of a meal with family and friends. Feel free to adapt these words. Bread of some kind or something like it, and wine of some kind or something like it, such as grape juice, are all that is required!



This is the place, and this is the time where God comes among us as love. God invites us here, and Jesus is the host – here we find radical and generous hospitality to share!



Gathered at a table that circles the world and celebrates all of life, we pray –
Before all that is, you were God. Outside all we know, you are God.
After all is finished, you will be God.
Angels sound trumpets, and teach us their song,
while the saints pull us into your presence.
And we join them in song: “Holy, holy is God, life giving mystery, love.”

You. You beyond the galaxies, you under the oceans,
you inside the leaves, you pouring down rain,
you opening the flowers, you feeding the insects,
you giving us your image, you carrying us through the waters,
you holding us in the night.

Your smile on Sarah and Abraham, your hand on Moses and Miriam,
your words through Deborah and Isaiah, you lived as Jesus among us,
healing, teaching, dying, rising, inviting all people to your feast.

Born into this life, seeing your grace revealed in all things,
Jesus laughed with those who laughed, and mourned with those who mourned.
Through your love, he healed the sick, he welcomed the outcast,
he challenged those in power, and the structures that kept them there.

And he called us back to your love.

In the power of the Spirit, the risen Christ laughs and cries,
heals and welcomes, challenges and loves,
again, and again, to this day, among us still.

We have been told that on the night before he was taken
to be killed on a cross,
Jesus sat with his disciples and ate with them a meal of remembrance.

Jesus took a loaf of bread, asked your blessing upon it, broke it,
and gave it to his disciples saying: “Take this – all of you – and eat it.
This is me. My body. Given for you. Each time you eat it, remember me.”

Close to the meal’s end, he took a cup filled with wine,
asked your blessing upon it, and gave it to his disciples saying:
“Take this – all of you – and drink it. This is me. This is my promise,
contained in my life – given freely, for you and for the world.
Each time you drink it, remember me.”



So we, seeking to follow Jesus’ way in this time and place,
eat bread and drink wine – and remember.
A bit of bread, a taste from the cup, connects us again
to the people who were gathered at that table, listening to him teach.
The flavour – sweet, salty, yeasty – joins us in gratitude for life, for one another, thankful for life’s goodness and joy.
Here, we taste again the story that brings us to who we are.

We eat. (take some bread or something similar that you have set aside)
We drink. (dip the bread into the cup of wine/juice you poured)
We remember. (take your time, pause, savour, reflect…)
And we give thanks. (and be grateful!)