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  • raised awareness and advocated for poverty reduction: Over the years we brought in guest speakers, such as Armine Yalnizyan, Michael Blair, Michael Shapcott and senator Hugh Segal, and organized many seminars and workshops covering decent work, living income, healthy food and affordable housing.
  • influenced politicians to make progress in poverty reduction: We have met (and continue to meet) with provincial and municipal politicians such as Kathleen Wynne, Mike Colle, Cheri DiNovo, Joe Mihevc, Christin Carmichael Greb and Jaye Robinson to stress the importance of poverty reduction and work together to create solutions such as the increase in minimum wage and the revisions to the social assistance.
  • had a real impact on outcomes: We organized a multi-church 90 minute meeting with Eglinton-Lawrence MPP Mike Colle in December 2013 which resulted in two poverty Town Halls meetings hosted by Mike Colle with support from the faith community.
  • held All Candidates Meetings: We have a strong reputation for providing voters with the opportunity to meet candidates by hosting all-candidates’ meetings during municipal, provincial and federal elections.
  • networked with social justice groups:
    • We participated in the influential group Faith in the City, the alliance of leaders from various faith traditions who share issues of common social concern.
    • Fairlawn was instrumental in forming the active and influential group “Voices for a Just Society” voicesforajustsociety.ca a network of social justice groups from many churches in North Toronto.
    • We are active partners with groups such as:
      • the United Church of Canada Social Justice united-church.ca/justice,
      • Poverty-Free Ontario, ISARC (inter-faith assistance reform coalition),
      • Stitching the Social Safety Net, etc.
  • engaged our congregation in acts of social justice: Members of the congregation actively participated in “Do the Math” and “Chew on This” campaigns, and they petition politicians through letter writing, marching and petitions to make poverty reduction a top priority.
  • created almost 200 units of affordable housing in Toronto: Through our sizable financial contribution of $2.5 million, we contributed to the successful completion of affordable housing at 40 Oaks in Regent Park, Monaco Place, Fred Victor Centre, and Parkdale Green Phoenix.
  • sponsored Advocacy positions: Fairlawn funded several positions of Advocacy Coordination, for example, at the Toronto Christian Resource Centre in Regent Park and in the United Church of Canada, dedicated to focusing advocacy efforts in poverty reduction.

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