Sunday School

What is “Spirit Space”?
Spirit Space is Fairlawn’s version of “Sunday School”. It’s an innovative, arts-based activity, where we emphasize kindness to others. Spirit Space is all about encouraging imagination, wonder and living out our values in our actions.

Where and When is Spirit Space held?
It takes place on Sunday mornings from 10:30-11:45 am in the gym, just downstairs and to the left from the main entrance (glass doors at street level.) We all start out as one big Fairlawn family in the sanctuary on Sunday at 10:30 am, and then the children are invited to leave for Spirit Space  while parents enjoy the church service. You may pick up your children in the gym after the church service. Then you are all invited to Coffee Hour in the Assembly Hall.

Who comes to Spirit Space?
Spirit Space is designed for children from JK to Grade 8.
We also offer a vibrant Youth group for high school students, and an Infants and Toddlers group during the church service. See the links below for Youth and for Infants & Toddlers.
Our participants at Spirit Space are divided into activity groups based on interest rather than age. This allows siblings, cousins and friends of different ages to be together.

Spirit Space
We offer a variety of activities: poetry, visual arts, movement, dance, dramatic arts, spiritual practices and conversation about social justice to engage children to explore their spirituality and develop kindness to others. We allow each child to choose how they would like to explore the week’s theme of faith and spirituality. We are committed to being fully inclusive, in all aspects of our life and work, of participants of all races, ethnicities, abilities, needs, sexual orientations, and gender identities.


The Big Table
Note: Fairlawn’s previous offering of Messy Church has been redesigned as The Big Table, encompassing a theme such as the Climate Crisis, and expanding to include all ages, singles, families, youth, couples, neighbours and friends.

Our staff members are hired specifically for their experience in education, their passion for the arts and their depth of faith. They bring a consistent, warm and supportive presence to Spirit Space.

Minister of Children and Youth