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  • The most recent redesign was launched March 2014.


Share the following information:

  • Our Vision as a United Church congregation
    • Explore Spirituality
    • Experience Belonging
    • Embrace Action
  • Explanation of church activities and priorities
  • Calendar of events
  • News postings
  • Sermons
  • Governance documents



  • Pique interest and entice members of the external community to find out more about Fairlawn by describing our vision and programs
  • Provide news and events to potential, new, and long-time members
  • Provide access to external pages such as Online Donations



The content is controlled by the web content Owners

Static content

    • Explore Spirituality
    • Experience Belonging
    • Embrace Action
    • Family
    • About us (Staff, History, etc.)


Dynamic content

    • Events
    • News
    • Greetings (updated weekly)
    • Connections (quarterly glossy newsletter)
    • Sermon podcasts



  • High: Fairlawn Avenue United Church descriptions, news, and events
  • Medium: Events from the community that Fairlawn participates in, such as North Toronto United Church Cluster of Churches
  • Low: Other events in the Toronto community, but only if they are related to our Vision



  • Updates: To request an update to an existing web page, send a request by email to   The request will be reviewed, discussed with, and approved by, the specific Web Content Owner (see Appendix).
  • New content: To request a new information page on the website, use the Communications Council’s advertising checklist for events, or contact the appropriate member of Governing Council.
  • Policy statements: Check with the chair of Governing Council. With their approval, the webmaster will publish it on the website.
  • Announcements: Contact Greetings editor. After it appears in Greetings, the webmaster will pick it up and add it to the website.
  • News and Events
    • For events, check with the property manager before beginning, to coordinate and authorize scheduling and room availability, to ensure there are no conflicts, and to book a room if one is needed.
    • Next fill in the “Advertising Checklist
  • The following information is required:
      • Event title
      • Description
      • Contact name and email address
      • Photo or image if you have one
      • For NEWS items, also include:
        • the date that the news item should be removed from the website, if you know it;
        • otherwise send an email to  when it is time to remove it
        • obviously stale-dated news will be removed at the webmaster’s discretion
      • For EVENTS, also include:
        • Date
        • Start time
        • End time (this is essential)
        • Location
        • The computer program will automatically remove events from the Events Calendar at the end of the event.
      • You will likely have more information than can be included in Greetings or a poster. If so, include a link in the Greetings announcement or on the poster that leads to a web page containing your additional detail. The webmaster will provide the URL for you to use.
      • Note: your information may appear in:
        • Greetings
        • Connections
        • Website
        • Social media: Facebook, Twitter
  • Approval: If there is a question of appropriateness of the posting, the webmaster will refer it to the Communications Council or to Governing Council as appropriate.




The website is reviewed regularly.

  • News posts are reviewed weekly by the webmaster; old content is removed at the webmaster’s discretion.
  • Events are automatically removed after the event.
  • Static content has been assigned a “Web Content Owner” (see appendix).
    The web content owners are reminded each year to review their web pages to ensure the website is up-to-date and accurate.
  • The webmaster performs ad hoc reviews throughout the year on all content to check accuracy, completeness of content, and accuracy of hyperlinks.



  • WordPress automatically provides backup of content.


Timing of content updates

  • Weekly updates are undertaken based on the publication of Greetings.
  • Whenever possible, the webmaster is able to handle requests on an ad hoc basis. You may expect a one week turnaround, but often the work is completed within 24 hours.
  • No updates are scheduled in the summer. Greetings is not published weekly in the summer and, therefore, news and events are not available to the webmaster to present on the website.

Other communication options

  • The website is just one tool for communications. Determine other options by using the Advertising Checklist.



What the Website does not accept

  • Anything that might indicate that Fairlawn Avenue United Church endorses a particular candidate or political party. A neutral tone is important.
  • Opinions other than those sanctioned by Fairlawn Governing Council.
  • “For Sale” or “Wanted” notices. Use the community bulletin board downstairs instead.
  • News or events that do not relate directly to the Fairlawn Vision.
  • Past events are not covered on the website. However, occasionally a web page post can be used to redirect users to Facebook for photos of past events that are very special to Fairlawn; for example, the 1915 church service celebrating our 100th anniversary. 
  • Photo albums of events. When authorized, these will appear in Greetings or on the Fairlawn Facebook page rather than on the Fairlawn website.




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Appendix A: Web Content Owners for Fairlawn’s Website


Home Page Webmaster, Communications Council chair
News Authors of individual news items
Events Sponsors of individual events
.   Greetings, Connections Editor
Explore Spirituality Chair, Spirituality Council
.   Sermons Minister
.   Music Director of Music
.   Adult Education Chair, Adult Education Committee
Family, Spirit Space, Messy Church,
Youth, Nursery
Minister of Children & Youth
.   Community Partners Church Administrator
Experience Belonging Chair, Experience Belonging Council
Embrace Action Chair, Embrace Action Council
·       Social Justice Chair, Social Justice Committee
·       Climate Justice Chair, Social Justice Committee
·       Outreach Chair, Embrace Action
·       Mission and Service Chair, Embrace Action
·       Prayer Shawl Ministry Currently Jan Schlee and Barb Warner
·       Affirm Chair, Affirm
·       Boarding Homes Ministry Currently Rob Metcalf
·       Walk-in Support Currently Rob Metcalf
·       Camp Scugog Chair, Camp Scugog committee
·       Refugee sponsorship

.       Truth and Reconciliation

Chair, Refugee Sponsorship Teams

Chair, Fairlawn’s Truth and Reconciliation Committee

About us Chair, Governing Council
·       Welcome Minister
·       Staff Church Administrator
·       The Fairlawn Call Chair, Governing Council
·       Accessibility Church Administrator
·       Our history Currently Gary Schlee
·       Governance documents Chair, Governing Council
·       Donations Church accountant