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  • The most recent redesign was launched March 2014.



  • Our Vision as a United Church congregation
    • Explore Spirituality
    • Experience Belonging
    • Embrace Action
  • Explanation of church activities and priorities
  • Calendar of events
  • News postings
  • Sermons



  • Pique interest and entice members of the external community to find out more about Fairlawn by describing our vision and programs
  • Provide news and events information to potential, new, and long-time members
  • Provide access to external pages such as Online Donations


Static content

  • Explore Spirituality
  • Experience Belonging
  • Embrace Action
  • Family
  • About us (Staff, History, etc.)


Dynamic content

  • Events
  • News
  • Greetings (updated weekly)
  • Connections (quarterly glossy newsletter)
  • Sermon podcasts



  • High: Fairlawn Avenue United Church descriptions, news, and events
  • Medium: Events from the community that Fairlawn participates in, such as North Toronto United Church Cluster of Churches
  • Low: Other events in the Toronto community, but only if they are related to our Vision



  • Updates: To request an update to an existing web page, or to request a new information page: Send a request by email to   The request will be reviewed, discussed with, and approved by, the specific Web Content Owner (see Appendix).
  • Policy statements: Check with the chair of Governing Council. With their approval, the webmaster will publish it on the website.
  • Announcements: Contact Greetings editor. After it appears in Greetings, the webmaster will pick it up and add it to the website.
  • News and Events
    • For events, check with the property manager before beginning, to coordinate and authorize scheduling and room availability, to ensure there are no conflicts, and to book a room if one is needed.
    • Next fill in the “Advertising Checklist

      • Event title
      • Description
      • Contact name and email address
      • Photo or image if you have one
      • For NEWS items, also include:
        • the date that the news item should be removed from the website, if you know it;
        • otherwise send an email to  when it is time to remove it
        • obviously stale-dated news will be removed at the webmaster’s discretion
      • For EVENTS, also include:
        • Date
        • Start time
        • End time (this is essential)
        • Location
        • The computer program will automatically remove events from the Events Calendar at the end of the event.
      • You will likely have more information than can be included in Greetings or a poster. If so, include a link in the Greetings announcement or on the poster that leads to a web page containing your additional detail. The webmaster will provide the URL for you to use.
      • Note: your information may appear in:
        • Greetings
        • Connections
        • Website
        • Social media: Facebook, Twitter
  • Approval: If there is a question of appropriateness of the posting, the webmaster will refer it to the Communications Manager or to Governing Council as appropriate.




The website is reviewed regularly.

  • News posts are reviewed weekly by the webmaster; old content is removed at the webmaster’s discretion.
  • Events are automatically removed after the event.
  • Static content has been assigned a “Web Content Owner” (see appendix).
    The web content owners are reminded each year to review their web pages to ensure the website is up-to-date and accurate.
  • The webmaster performs ad hoc reviews throughout the year on all content to check accuracy, completeness of content, and accuracy of hyperlinks.



  • WordPress automatically provides backup of content.


Timing of content updates

  • Weekly updates are undertaken based on the publication of Greetings.
  • Whenever possible, the webmaster is able to handle requests on an ad hoc basis. You may expect a one week turnaround, but often the work is completed within 24 hours.
  • Summer updates in July and August are not scheduled.


Other communication options

  • The website is just one tool for communications. Determine other options by using the Advertising Checklist.



What the Website does not accept

  • Anything that might indicate that Fairlawn Avenue United Church endorses a particular candidate or political party. A neutral tone is important.
  • Opinions other than those sanctioned by Fairlawn Governing Council.
  • “For Sale” or “Wanted” notices. Use the community bulletin board downstairs instead.
  • News or events that do not relate directly to the Fairlawn Vision.
  • Past events are not covered on the website. However, occasionally a web page post can be used to redirect users to Facebook for photos of past events that are very special to Fairlawn; for example, the 1915 church service celebrating our 100th anniversary. 
  • Photo albums of events. When authorized, these will appear on the Fairlawn Facebook page rather than the Fairlawn website.




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Appendix A

Web Content Owners for Fairlawn’s Website
Roles and names

Home Page Webmaster, Communications Council chair
News Authors of individual news items
Events Sponsors of individual events
.   Greetings, Connections Editor
Explore Spirituality Spirituality Council chair
.   Sermons Minister, Worship Committee
.   Music Director of Music
.   Adult Education Adult Education Committee chair
Family, Spirit Space, Messy Church,
Youth, Nursery
Minister of Children & Youth
.   Community Partners Church Administrator
Experience Belonging Experience Belonging Council chair
Embrace Action Embrace Action Council chair
·       Social Justice Social Justice Committee chair
·       Climate Justice Green Action Committee chair
·       Outreach Outreach chair
·       Mission and Service M&S chair
·       Prayer Shawl Ministry Currently Jan Schlee and Barb Warner
·       Affirm Affirm chair
·       Boarding Homes Ministry Currently Rob Metcalf
·       Walk-in Support Currently Rob Metcalf
·       Lake Scugog Camp Scugog chair
·       Refugee sponsorship Currently Kathy Magladry
About us Governing Council chair
·       Welcome Minister
·       Staff Church Administrator
·       The Fairlawn Call Governing Council chair
·       Accessibility Church Administrator
·       Our history Currently Gary Schlee
·       Governance documents Governing Council chair
·       Donations Church accountant