Profile of Col. F. F. Clarke, World War 1

 A Veteran of the Great War – Colonel Frederick Fieldhouse Clarke, DSO, MBE, VD

Read the fascinating and detailed story of Tom Clarke’s Grandfather

None of my family lost their lives in either of the world wars but a number did serve. As a young lad visiting grandparents in Montreal West, I was aware that my Grandpa Clarke was referred to as the Colonel but only much later did I hear the story of his life and service. In particular we have 67 pages of his unpublished memoirs of his life and military service” …

Following a Remembrance Day service only a year or so ago, Jill Klaehn and I traded stories of the WWI veterans in our families. We discovered that both grandfathers served at Kapuskasing camp in 1915.

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1915 photo
Major F. F. Clarke (Tom Clarke’s Grandfather) and
Sergeant Major Harry Bernard Lowe (Jill Klaehn’s Grandfather)
together at Kapuskasing camp


Memories from Fairlawn Families

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