Soldiers of WW1: Lt. Joseph Arnold Rowbottom

Lt. Joseph Arnold Rowbottom, 2/6th Manchester Regiment,
Killed September 24, 1917.

Amanda Hancox’s story:

When I was a child I spent a lot of time with my grandmother who was a terrific story teller. I especially loved the stories of her childhood and the antics she got up to with her cousins. She was particularly fond of one cousin and kept his photo in a frame by her bed. Arnold had been killed in the Great War. I didn’t pay much attention at the time, photos of young men in uniform seemed to be in all the homes I visited with my grandmother.

Then, as an adult, my husband dragged me with him to visit the Canadian War Memorial in Vimy, France. Not what I had really what I had in mind for one of a precious few days meant to be spent in Paris. However I went along and the experience was intensely moving and made a very deep impression. The names engraved on the memorial and on the row upon row of graves made me think about the phrase “We will remember them”. How could we remember them if we didn’t know who they really were, as individuals?

I felt compelled to find out more about young man in the photograph. Perhaps I could ensure that at least one soldier wasn’t just a name on a grave ‘somewhere in France’. I began with only a name and a photograph. It has been a fascinating journey of discovery about family, the Great War and about friendship between men struggling to survive under terrible conditions. It has given Remembrance Day a much deeper meaning.


Memories from Fairlawn Families

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