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  • Your Pledge

    Not sure how much to give? Each person’s situation is different, and we are grateful for all contributions that help us to live out our mission. One rough guide is that our average individual contribution in 2018 was $2,935.00. If you believe your financial position is above average, perhaps you could consider giving that amount or more.
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Contact Heather de la Rua

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Fund Definitions

This pays for all of our local church’s operating costs and will help us proceed with Taking the Call Forward. This funding supports the structure through which we offer all of the services, events, and activities that are vital in helping Fairlawn have a positive impact. Local includes all staff salaries, Spirit Space, and costs of running the building and administration. We exist because of your support to Local.

Mission and Service
This money goes to the United Church of Canada to fund its mission work in Canada and globally.

Embrace Action
This fund name was changed from Outreach in June 2016 to reflect our Embrace Action ministry. Fairlawn exists, in part, to make a difference in the world beyond our walls. This fund helps to support our Embrace Action ministries, including the CRC, Camp Scugog, Walk-in Support, Boarding Homes Ministries, Food Bank, Youth Reconciliation, and Refugees, as needed. It also supports community organizations that help those who struggle to make ends meet.


Ways to Support Fairlawn

Please consider giving through PAR (preauthorized remittance by bank account deduction or by credit card), if you don’t already. It helps the church by providing a predictable flow of contributions.
For more information, please contact Heather de la Rua at 416-481-6848 x 30 or .
The form is at

Donating Shares
If you would like to donate to Fairlawn Avenue United and you hold publicly traded securities outside of a registered account that have appreciated in value, consider donating the securities directly to Fairlawn to reduce your tax. This method can be considerably more tax effective. Remember to speak with your financial advisor to help determine if the sale of securities is in keeping with your overall financial plan.
“Why do we donate shares? It’s an easy, once-a-year transaction and we save on taxes. For example, if we donated shares that were valued at $3000, which we had purchased for $1200 (because there is no tax on the capital gain), we saved approximately $500 on this donation instead of selling the shares and donating the cash.”
– Greig and Carolyn Clark
For more information on the tax rules associated with the charitable donation of securities, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency at

Will Bequests and Lifetime Donations
Let Fairlawn be part of your legacy. This is a great way to help ensure Fairlawn keeps living its mission. Consider putting Fairlawn in your will or making a one-time donation so you can see the benefits at work during your lifetime.