Embrace Action Fund

The Embrace Action (EA) Fund supports organizations whose work is consistent with our social outreach vision of poverty reduction. We focus our financial aid on groups with whom we hope to deepen our relationship and broaden our support over time.

The United Church of Canada’s Creed calls us to love and serve others and seek justice. Fairlawn’s vision is to build that compassion and understanding by personally engaging with those who are marginalized. Thus, our EA Fund focuses on activities for which it can not only provide financial aid, but also opportunities where Fairlawn members can be personally involved.

Our EA Fund lay ministry team researches organizations and choses partners, after it:
• assesses how closely their work aligns with Fairlawn’s poverty reduction goal, and
• identifies ways that congregants can become more closely connected.

Our partners’ representatives occasionally speak at Fairlawn worship services to share what they’re doing and how we can become more involved with their work.

We are currently supporting:

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