– CDs from the Choirs of Fairlawn

Gloria, the latest CD from the Choirs of Fairlawn, features the Senior Choir’s 2010 Canadian premiere performance of the thrilling Gloria by Mark Hayes, as well as many other beautiful Christmas works that the choirs have sung over the years.

Proceeds, after expenses, will go to Fairlawn.

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Many thanks to the following donors whose generous gifts have contributed to the production of Gloria

BENEFACTOR ($500 and above)

  • Anonymous, in memory of the Reverend Charles R. Miller
  • Dr. Dan and Velma Daley
  • Eleanor Daley, in honour of the Choirs of Fairlawn Avenue
  • Dr. William and Sylvia Dixon
  • John Haag and Jill McAlpine
  • Jill and David Klaehn, to honour our families
  • Rosalyn and David Stephens
  • The Choirs of Fairlawn Avenue, in honour of Eleanor Daley’s 31 inspirational years as Director of Music

PATRON ($100- $499)

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • James D. Benson, in memory of Phyllis Benson
  • The Blackford family
  • Connie Buck, in memory of Chester Buck
  • Ruth and Alex Christie
  • Greig and Carolyn Clark, in memory of Nancy Clark and Amy Austing, both great music lovers
  • Martha Cooper, in honour of my mother Jean Stinson, with love on the occasion of her 90th birthday
  • Doug Crozier
  • Ed and Sue Daley, in memory of Norma Troyer
  • Jay Daley Financial Services
  • Nancy and Brien Dane
  • Esther Ewing and Jim Sylph, in honour of Eleanor and Donald Ewing
  • Esther Ewing and Jim Sylph, in memory of Constance Sylph and Marjorie Crown
  • Jean and Peter Flemington
  • The Fraser Burke family
  • Judy Gibson
  • Ruth Hall, in memory of Mary and Mac Hall
  • Amanda Hancox, in memory of Frederick Mann
  • Erin and Amy Hood, in appreciation of the Fairlawn Junior and Intermediate Choirs
  • Geoffrey Horning, Jennifer Doner, and Madeline Horning
  • Anne James
  • Christine Jonas-Simpson, in memory of Ethan William Simpson
  • Beth Jones, in memory of Sue Bonsteel
  • Patricia Jones, in memory of Betty, Bella, and Della
  • Shirley Joyce and Ron Swentiski
  • The Kimmel family, with sincere appreciation for the music through which Eleanor has enriched our lives
  • Richard D. Kovar
  • Eleanor MacKay, in memory of Susan and Angus MacKay, who tremendously enjoyed Special Music Sundays at Fairlawn
  • Elaine Mason
  • The Miller family
  • Ron and Sharon Nickle, in honour of our 20th Wedding Anniversary
  • Shirley Paquette, in loving memory of my parents, Jack and Mary Brown
  • Tom and Kathy Salisbury
  • Jan, Gary and Laura Schlee
  • Mung-Ling Tsui, in memory of Pauline Tsui
  • Rebecca Whelan, in memory of Rose, Jane and Jim Whelan

SPONSOR (up to $99)

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Heather Barr
  • Paula Blaser and John Wettlaufer
  • Shirley Bush, in memory of Bill Bush
  • Rob and Bev Carruthers
  • The Davey family
  • Doris Geddes
  • Carrie Loring, in remembrance of her Mum, Jill Loring
  • Rosemary Pryde
  • Stephanie Rawson, in memory of my grandmother, Betty Richardson
  • Valerie Scovill, in memory of Betty Scovill
  • Barb Warner
  • Esther Welsh,in memory of Eslyn Leacock
  • Frances Welsh, in memory of Eslyn Leacock
  • The W hite family, to all of our parents who encouraged our love of music
  • Ruth Mary Wood, in appreciation of Eleanor Daley and the Choirs of Fairlawn Avenue
  • Janet and Don Worthington, in honour of Laura Wong
  • Allegra Young, in memory of Canon George Young and William Hancox