Tuesday Lunch Crowd Christmas Party, Dec. 8.


Join the Tuesday Lunch Crowd on Zoom on Tuesday, December 8, from 12:50 – 2 p.m., for its annual Christmas party to launch the season.



Mark Kersey will play many of...

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Lillian Lucas–Ann Sanders Student Assistance Awards, deadline Dec. 2

Board of Trustees invites all students who are members of Fairlawn Avenue United Church to submit an application for a Student Assistance Award if they meet the following qualifications:

  • engaged in undergraduate studies,
  • enrolled full time in a course up...
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Retail Gift Cards to Fundraise for Fairlawn

Nov. 27 Deadline: Retail Gift Cards

Do you:

  • buy at clothing stores, supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies, hardware stores, and book stores?
  • have children or youth returning to school next term?



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Connector for Social Support at Fairlawn: Contact us any time

The Experience Belonging Support Ministries at Fairlawn include a number of different groups which can provide help whenever there is a need.

Contact Carissa Urquhart through the online form below, or find her phone number in the church directory. She...

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Online Talent Show: Wednesday, Dec. 2 at 7:00 pm

Looking on the Bright Side of Life!

Do you like to sing, dance, tell jokes, perform a skit, do a recitation, play a musical instrument, do stand-up comedy, perform magic tricks, or otherwise provide fun entertainment? If you do, we want to hear from...

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Who’s on Governing Council?

Governing Council Chair:
Mary Ellen Richardson

Re-entry Task Group:
Rosemary Pryde

Community Research/Taking the Call Forward:...

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If you would like to receive “Fairlawn Greetings”, our weekly email newsletter of news and events at Fairlawn Avenue United Church, please fill in the form below.

You may unsubscribe at any time.

Thanks for your interest in Fairlawn. We hope our...

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Adult Education

Adult Education at Fairlawn:

We are asking for YOUR help


If you are interested in moving forward on one of these ideas or have other ideas for adult education please get in touch with Governing Council...

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Financial Contributions. Life at Fairlawn is continuing, with more work in the building underway.
Staff are working from home to continue to support Fairlawn’s members and activities. Many of
our members are already on our Pre-Authorized Remittance...

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Zoom and Teleconferencing Options

During the COVID-19 closure, Fairlawn is pleased to provide video and teleconferencing options for Fairlawn meetings.

Please read the instructions

Contact Joanne Christie to sign up or ask questions.


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