Fairlawn Call Reports

Current Strategy 

1. Improve our Offerings

  • Church services – create reverent, relevant and participatory Christian experiences that engage people who come in with different experiences, theologies and expectations
  • Spirit Space – provide spiritual nurture and education, with opportunities for Christian discipleship, inter-generational relationships, and community in the lives of children, youth, and their families, by employing paid staff and implementing “Spirit Space”, a child-centred approach
  • Adult Education – provide adult education offerings that allow members and the wider community to explore spirituality, to think, and to grow

Owned by: Explore Spirituality Council

2. Communicate the Offerings to More People (both externally and internally)

  • Create the Fairlawn Identity (logo, tagline and key messages that will “hook” people to experience our offerings)
    Owned by: Communications Council
  • Develop the most efficient and effective Media that can carry this message (both externally and internally)
    Owned by: Communications Council
  • Develop an Invitational Culture mainly by role modelling and encouraging others to follow.
    Owned by: Executive Council
  • Expand Personal Individualized Invitations to our offerings to your friends and neighbours
    Owned by: Executive Council

3. Welcome Them When They Come (both new and current congregants) 

Put together a Single Unified Team of Welcomers that will lead the way in helping us to be a truly welcoming congregation …
Remembering that nothing replaces the congregation doing this naturally.

Owned by: Congregational Engagement Manager
Working with the help of:

  • Welcomers – Inside
  • Welcomers – Outside
  • Coffee Hour providers


The Fairlawn Call Reports


Dialogue for Direction Reports

Incorporating The Fairlawn Call into all we do
The concepts from The Fairlawn Call are now part of our new Constitution.

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