Marriage Policy

Fairlawn Avenue United Church recognizes all marriages allowed by the Government of Ontario, including couples of all gender combinations. Ministry staff perform marriage ceremonies within the church building and offsite. Consultation with the staff to celebrate each couple’s culture and spiritual background is encouraged.

Weddings at Fairlawn
We hope to answer many of your questions about the service; if you need additional information, please contact the church office, allowing as much lead time as possible.

Weddings at Fairlawn are usually conducted by our minister. If you have another minister, not affiliated with this congregation, who you would like to conduct your service, please contact the church office. The invitation will be formally extended by our office on behalf of the couple.

All dates, times, and details of the service must be discussed with the appropriate Fairlawn staff in order to avoid misunderstandings. It is important that all parties have this information in writing.

Couples seeking to be married at Fairlawn are expected to participate in some form of Marriage Preparation. This may be informally, with the minister officiating, or formally, at a course given for that purpose. Your marriage license may be obtained from the Issuer of Marriage Licenses at any city hall. It can be dated no more than three months before the wedding. You must submit your license to the church office no later than two weeks prior to your wedding date.

***** Confetti is not permitted anywhere on church property ******

Form of Service

The marriage ceremony is a Christian church service. There are, however, many possibilities for variations and involvement, including interfaith services, which should be discussed with the officiating minister, who shall have final authority.

Fairlawn recognizes all marriages allowed by the Ontario government, including couples of all gender combinations. In doing so, the ministry staff perform marriage ceremonies within the church building and off site. Consultation with the staff to celebrate each couple’s cultural and spiritual background is encouraged. You may be interested in having a printed order of service. Please consult with the minister about this.


Music should be selected which is appropriate to a church service. Arrangements for music or soloists from the church are made with the Director of Music. Please contact our Director of Music (not the minister) to discuss all aspects of the music selected well in advance of your wedding day.


A rehearsal is required for all but the smallest of weddings and is normally held no more than two days before the ceremony in order that directions remain fresh in the minds of the participants! Please ask all parties to be present and on time.

Church Decoration/Candelabra

The use of pew markers is permitted as long as no nails or tacks are used to attach them. The church provides candles and candelabra (if desired) for the pews along the centre aisle and the chancel, for which a fee is charged.


Flowers may be placed on the flower stands at the back of the chancel or on either side of the chancel steps, or at floor level in front of the communion table (but not on the table itself). Chancel furniture may not be moved. Please check with the church office two weeks before your wedding to confirm that your flowers and pew markers, if any, will be delivered at a time when the church is open.

All floral arrangements must be constructed off site and be capable of installation within one hour and removal within a half hour of the actual service.


Photographs are permitted by anyone as the procession moves up and down the aisle. However, during the actual ceremony and signing of the register, only the assigned photographer/videographer is permitted to take photos/videos, and this must be done without flash and without moving in front of the congregation. If time permits, posed photos may be taken in the church after the ceremony. Please make arrangements with the minister at least one week prior to the day.

Sound System

The Sanctuary sound system may only be used with the permission of the Church Administrator, and it may only be  operated by a church-approved, trained operator. A fee for the use of the sound system and an honorarium for the time of the operator will be determined by the requirements of the applicant.


Please discuss arrangements through the church office.

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