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Sunday Mar 18, 2018, Preacher: Rev. Rob Metcalf

We are not alone. We are connected to God and each other by love.

Connect with what matters in life

Explore Spirituality

Want to explore the big questions in life? So do we! Join us on Sundays, and through the week, on our common spiritual journey.
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Embrace Action

Fairlawn advocates for a just society for all with adequate social assistance rates, living wage, affordable housing, & reduction of income inequality.
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Experience Belonging

Activities come and go, but our Fairlawn family is a community for life. We're there to celebrate your joys and to offer support when you need it.
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Most Recent Sermons

We Wish to See Jesus

Date: Sunday Mar 18, 2018, Preacher: Rev. Rob Metcalf

God So Loved the World

Date: Sunday Mar 11, 2018, Preacher: Daniel Reed

Giving up Tribes and Walls for Lent

Date: Sunday Mar 4, 2018, Preacher: Morrey Ewing